Potential Bullish Breakout: DIA Analysis

Any trader involved with the markets in these first months of 2018 knows how crazy the volatility has been. And with such volatility present, you may be having trouble with your positions.

Fear not, because I can help you smoothen your P/L curve by implementing the most relevant trading strategies suitable to our current market.

I know the investment strategies I’ve been implementing (selling naked puts, credit spreads, covered calls, time spreads, etc.) in my own account have been working consistently — I’m currently beating the S&P 500 benchmark index by over 10x.

I’m up a little over 10% on my portfolio so far this year and the S&P’s are down around 1-2%. I can help you follow suit, but you have to have the right education in place first.

Take a look at the 1-year daily chart on the DIA (Dow Jones Industrial Avg. ETF) and you will see that we could be setting up for a potential break-out — back up to the 265 level (26,500) which would result in roughly a 10% move higher from these levels.

My technical analysis is showing a potential breakout in the next days or weeks with several confirming bullish indicators:

1-year daily chart on the DIA (Dow Jones Industrial Avg. ETF)

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