Module 2


Part 2 of the program is going to teach you about the four main option Greeks: DELTA, GAMMA, THETA, and VEGA. You will also learn how options are priced and the different categories that options fall into: ITM (in-the-money), ATM (at-the-money), and OTM (out-of-the-money). You will learn the factors that make up option pricing and the difference between intrinsic vs. extrinsic value. This part includes several interactive trade demonstrations to help further explain things as it is very important you understand this material before we move into the Easy Option Tradingstrategies.

Part 2.1 – Understanding “In-the-Money”
Part 2.2 – How Options are Priced
Part 2.3 – How to Read the Options Chain
Part 2.4 – The Importance of DELTA
Part 2.5 – The GAMMA in Options
Part 2.6 – Time Decay in Options & THETA
Part 2.7 – Understanding Volatility & VEGA
Part 2.8 – How to Read an Option

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