My name is Tyler Chianelli and I am a professional stock and options trader. Ever since a teenager, I have been infatuated and fully engaged in learning and mastering the strategies and techniques necessary to be a successful trader. I found such joy and accomplishment in doing so, that I thought it wise to organize this financial knowledge and share it with the world. So back in 2010, I founded what is now known as Option Trading Coach.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to learn how to trade options alongside my father and from highly successful CBOE floor traders, through a very prominent brokerage house and educational trading company. After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in training programs, conferences, trading courses, and costly “newbie” option trading mistakes – a strong foundation was formed. This period brought the pitfalls and promise of the market right to my doorstep.

The more specific passion for trading “options” came along in 2004, after attending a conference and discovering first-hand – the incredible power and leverage behind options. After being blown away by initial demonstrations, my father and I made a 4-year commitment to

mastering trading options by attending a PHD level educational program. After attending dozens of seminars, webinars, coaching calls, and conferences – understanding the business of trading options started to become second-hand. A major success in the father-son trading team came near the end of the severe bear market of 2008. That is when I spotted a long-term trade on the prominent medical company: Intuitive Surgical (ISRG). We turned turned $32,000 into over $750,000 in less than year on this single trade. In options trading terms: 200 contracts were purchased at an average price of $160 per contract and some were sold upwards of $120/ea or $12,000 per contract, but we had an average sale price around $40/contract or $4,000 each. This is just one genuine example of several successful trades that signify the ability to build significant wealth in the Stock Market using the power and leverage of options.

The combination of supportive parents and an entrepreneurial father facilitated the desire for financial knowledge and freedom, which played a major role in allowing me to grow into the successful trader that I am today. I did not get here on my own and now I have created Option Trading Coach to make sure you will not be alone, either.

This is paramount when you are starting out in this business and we want to make sure you have all the support and training in place to instill the “Success Driven Trading” attitude and increase confidence and understanding in the world of options trading. This is where Option Trading Coach comes into play. We want to be your trading partner and help clear confusion, educate you, watch you grow, offer valuable insights, and most importantly keep you focused and motivated to be a prosperous trader for the long-term.

I, Tyler Chianelli, created Option Trading Coach to be a place where both new and experienced traders can come together to learn how to trade options, understand advanced concepts, master technical analysis, trade with professionals, back-test new strategies, watch live trades in action, participate in forum discussions, and be able to have an extensive library of training videos, transcripts, mind-maps, trading plans, e-books, newsletters, and proven trading systems. All of these tools are at your finger tips to ensure your long-term success.


When asked why did you create Option Trading Coach?

I answered in one simple and direct sentence….

“For the pure love of trading and to improve the financial well-being for us all.”