Making $2 Million Trading NFLX LEAPS Options

nflx leaps trading options lesson for youtube
Tyler Chianelli conducting a compound interest lesson in the new Option Trading Coach youtube video you can see below. 
If only we had a time machine to place perfect trades in the early days of now top-performing stocks. A LEAPS trade on NFLX could have provided sizable income for anybody willing to take the risk. 

Many of you who follow Option Trading Coach are familiar with my LEAPS trading success over the years and the strong appreciation I have for this particular investment strategy.

I’m a firm believer that if you invest the time in yourself and learn how to pick strong growth stocks while being prudent about the intricacies of the strategy; understanding the risks, rolling positions, selling short-term calls (or puts for positive Theta decay), short-term hedging awareness, and fully grasping the importance of exercising your positive option equity into shares…then it can literally change your life.

It’s been a little over 3 years since I first published the Learn How I Turned $16k into $131K Trading Options on NFLX video on YouTube, and with over 450,000 views, thousands of comments, and tons of insightful feedback — I thought it was finally time to shoot the follow-up video to this!

Watch as I further explain the position I had in 2012-2013 that turned $16,700 into $131,200 on a 1-year trade using LEAPS options on Netflix (NFLX).

You will learn how this trade could have resulted in well over $2 million in profits if just half the options were held into expiration and excised into share ownership.

This video is a great LEAPS lesson, an encapsulation of my trading acumen and style and ultimately a great milestone in the trading and education history of Option Trading Coach. I hope you enjoy and learn from this informative video. If you want to learn more, check out our line of courses and subscriptions that will plug you into my world of options trading education that creates opportunities for beginner and advanced traders whether the market is up, down or sideways.