Module 07 – Building an Options Trading Foundation

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In this accelerated training course you will learn about the two different types of options which include: calls and puts. We will also cover how options work, the 5 levels of options trading, important option trading terms, understanding the difference between in-the-money, at-the money, and out-of-the-money options, how to choose the right strike price, intrinsic vs. extrinsic value, and last but not least understanding the risks of trading options.

Course Duration:
  119 minutes


Building an Options Trading Foundation
Part 1: What is an Option?
Part 2: How do Options Work?
Part 3: Important Options Trading Terms
Part 4: Understanding ITM – ATM – OTM
Part 5: Choosing the Right Strike Price
Part 6: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Value
Part 7: Understanding the Risks of Options
Part 8: The Benefits of Trading Options
Part 9: LIVE Explanation of the Options Chain