Module 12 – Creating Your Custom Trading Plan

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In this accelerated training course you are going to learn how to determine your trading style, as well as understanding key principles in risk management & capital preservation, how to calculate proper position sizing, understanding the risk-reward profile, money management rules, the importance of diversification, trading system checklist, the 10 steps involved in creating a trading plan, and lastly we will go over some key questions to keep you in check to make sure you enjoy your trading journey!

Course Duration:
  67 minutes


Creating Your Custom Trading Plan
Part 1: The Importance of Having a Plan
Part 2: Determining Your Trading Style
Part 3: Money Management Rules
Part 4: Profit Taking Rules
Part 5: Trading System Checklist
Part 6: 10 Steps in Creating Your Custom Trading Plan
Part 7: Key Questions to Keep You in Check
Part 8: Enjoying the Journey
Part 9: Continuing Your Education