Easy Option Trading


The Easy Option Trading course is a comprehensive video collection that combines detailed presentation slides, coupled with live trading footage to equip self-directed traders with all the professional stock and options trading knowledge needed to succeed in the Stock Market…regardless of market trend or the amount of capital invested. Creator and head trader, Tyler Chianelli, has 15+ years of trading experience (and highly winning track record) that places him in the position to thoroughly explain and teach highly valuable start-to-finish trading concepts. Learn the top option strategies suitable for all market conditions, acquire the proper risk management skills, determine your personal trading style, and cultivate a customized winning trading plan — all with the Easy Option Trading course (and much more)!


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  • Learn the difference between debits & credits (the foundation for all options trading)
  • Understand core trading fundamentals that will carry through to every day of your trading career
  • Build a successful trader mindset to prepare yourself for taking on the markets with confidence
  • Learn all about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and how to trade them
  • Learn the basics of Futures trading in preparation for more advanced lessons later in the course
  • Live Demo on how to Open a Brokerage Account


  • Learn how options are priced (pivotal math you will always use)
  • Understanding in-the-money (1 of 3 concepts that help you determine worth)
  • Learn to read the options chain so you’re never confused in your platform
  • Learn how to read an option with a dashboard
  • The Importance of Delta (the first of the 4 Greeks you need to master)
  • Learn about Time Decay in options (options lose worth over time, this Greek shows you how much)
  • Understanding Volatility and Vega Risk (the 3rd Greek)
  • Live Trading Explanation of the Option Greeks (making them easier than ever)


  • Learn the Top 12 Candlestick Formations to identify every time you read a chart
  • Learn how to determine Relative Strength (a critical metric)
  • Understand and utilize the “ultimate trend following tool” in your chart analysis
  • Learn about trading with Bollinger Band indicators
  • Learn how to use Fibonacci retracements in your trade analysis (an ancient and powerful technique)
  • Learn how to combine all these technical indicators to build an effective Technical Analysis System
  • FREE BONUS: Setting Up Custom Charts lessons


  • You will learn 4 Bullish Option Trading Strategies
  • You will learn 3 Bullish Option Trading Strategies
  • You will learn 2 Sideways Option Trading Strategies
  • Using real trade analysis and live examples to better explain trading strategies
  • Understand the importance of “defined-risk” spread trading
  • Understand the difference between debit and credit spreads (control your risk and protect yourself in every market)
  • Understand how to choose the right trading strategy for any market
  • Learn how to execute the strategies with Live Trading demo’s


  • Learn the Key Money Management Principles to keep your trades in line and always protect yourself
  • Understanding and defining your Personal Trading Style
  • Learn the Four P’s in creating your Custom Trading Plan and how to structure your plan for easy understanding every day
  • Understanding the importance of Back-Testing (confirm your trades and never leave yourself guessing)
  • Learn the Easy Option Trading Capital Preservation Rules (protect yourself and always gain the maximum)
  • Bonus: The Easy Option Trading Plan


In this 6-part bonus video series, Tyler Chianelli navigates the Thinkorswim trading platform, customizing his chart settings and preferences in a number of different ways. Take heed and use the setups he uses every day in his trading, or come up with your own custom setups, once you learn and can utilize the several different customization tools. An invaluable series for any self-directed trader looking for streamlined chart setups!

  • Part 1: Charting Preferences
  • Part 2: Adding Moving Averages
  • Part 3: Adding the DMI, Stochastics, The “Lower Pane”,
  • Part 4: Adding Woodie’s CCI, the RSI, Color Preferences
  • Part 5: Adding Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bandwidth, MACD’s
  • Part 6: Learning how to Back-Test with Technical Indicators

In this 3-part video series (with 3 additional bonus videos), Tyler Chianelli illustrates the power and risk of trading in anticipation of earnings announcements. With several defined-risk options strategies, with on-the-spot live trading footage, Tyler analyses stocks, puts on positions and lets the audience witness the earnings call’s effect on the trade. It’s exciting, informative and a new angle for most traders who don’t utilize these one-of-a-kind market moves. A great tool and mindset for any self-directed trader.

  • Part 1: Intro & Selling a Straddle
  • Part 2: Double Diagonal Spread & Buying OTM
  • Part 3: Continuing with the Strategies
  • Bonus Video One
  • Case Study: Selling a Straddle
  • Case Study: Selling a Strangle

The Complete Options Index is a trading platform plug-in that groups together optionable securities for advanced scanning filtering and sub-list creation. Cut your research time in half and spot trading opportunities outside your regular watch-list, that would otherwise be lost in the sea of stocks.

  • 8-part Video Training Series
  • 15 Pre-built Watch-Lists to Download
  • 3 Dynamic Short-Term Advanced Scans (Bullish)
  • 3 Dyanmic Short-Term Advanced Scans (Bearish)
  • 4 Dynamic Long-Term Advanced Scans (LEAPS)