Module 03 – How to Read a Stock Chart

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This accelerated beginner course is going to teach you about the importance of charting and why technical analysis can be a very valuable tool in your trading endeavors. Charting will help you with strike price selection, timing through choosing the best expiration date, and offer directional insight to reinforce your trading decisions.  We will cover how candlestick charting works, explain 15 of the primary candlestick formations, understand trends, moving averages, volume vs. quality volume, support & resistance, channels, gaps, and more. Technical analysis is a very broad subject, however this module will give you a very solid foundation to further expand upon in module 6 when we get into the Advanced Technical Analysis Tools & Techniques.

Course Duration: 62 minutes


How to Read a Stock Chart
Part 1: The Importance of Charting
Part 2: How to Read a Candlestick
Part 3: Primary Candlestick Formations
Part 4: Understanding Trends
Part 5: Using Moving Averages
Part 6: Volume vs. Quality Volume
Part 7: Support & Resistance
Part 8: Gaps
Part 9: Channels