How to Trade LEAPS


The How to Trade LEAPS Program is a comprehensive collection of recorded LEAPS education classes and training videos.

Over a one-year period, these on-going LEAPS classes were held and positions grew as the audience watched creator Tyler Chianelli managed a number of varied LEAPS trades, adjusted positions as markets changed and took profits when the time was right.



These are your official How to Trade LEAPS recorded classes. This classes mix detailed slide presentations with terrific evolving live trading footage over a two year time frame to showcase the evolution and advanced trading tactics of using LEAPS in your portfolio. This immersion into a professional LEAPS trading workflow will get you comfortable with navigating your platform with LEAPS trades and gives you the ability to watch these positions build and change as the classes continue. The approximate run time of each module is two hours. In addition to the core module sections, there are ongoing classes that further the development of the training with current market conditions and LEAPS trading strategies.

  • Module One: Introduction, History & Live Trading
  • Module Two: Expirations, Short-term Strategies & Position Alerts
  • Module Three: Managing Sold Calls on LEAPS
  • Module Four: Going Unbalanced, Postion Mgmt., Gold Case Study & ETF’s
  • Module Five: Managing Sold Deep ITM Calls, Margin Calls, Position Mgmt. & Trends
  • Module Six: Managing a Losing Position, Watch-list Filters & New Positions

These are your additional Option Trading Coach LEAPS Trading Classes. These are the classes that sparked the idea for the How to Trade LEAPS program. You will find just as many LEAPS trading insights and evolving, insightful LEAPS position management with this collection of recordings.

  • Class One: How to Manage a Winning LEAPS Position
  • Class Two: Managing a Position Through Earnings
  • Class Three: Managing Winning & Losing Positions
  • Class Four: Building Profitable Positions
  • Class Five: Navigating this Volatile Market
  • Class Six: Managing & Developing Winning Positions
  • Class Seven: Managing & Developing Positions Part II
  • Class Eight: Managing & Developing Positions in 2017
  • Class Nine: Managing & Adjusting Positions in Q2 2017
  • Class Ten: Long-term Options Trades into 2019-2020
  • Class Eleven: Long-term Wealth Trades into 2019-2020
  • Class Twelve: Long-term Wealth Trades into 2019-2020 II


This 7-part video series condenses the mechanics of professional options trading and gives you a crash course on the importance of options trading in your portfolio, the tools options traders utilize, trading strategies and profit taking rules for any market and valuable live trading footage.

  • Part One: Why You Need to Trade Options
  • Part Two: How to Profit in Any Market
  • Part Three: The Tools of a Professional Trader
  • Part Four: Building Your Trading Watch-List
  • Part Five: How to Profit in a Bull Market
  • Part Six: How to Profit in a Bear Market
  • Part Seven: How to Profit in a Sideways Market

In this 6-part bonus video series, Tyler Chianelli navigates the Thinkorswim trading platform, customizing his chart settings and preferences in a number of different ways. Take heed and use the setups he uses every day in his trading, or come up with your own custom setups, once you learn and can utilize the several different customization tools. An invaluable series for any self-directed trader looking for streamlined chart setups! $97 Value

  • Part 1: Charting Preferences
  • Part 2: Adding Moving Averages
  • Part 3: Adding the DMI, Stochastics, The “Lower Pane”,
  • Part 4: Adding Woodie’s CCI, the RSI, Color Preferences
  • Part 5: Adding Bollinger Bands, Bollinger Bandwidth, MACD’s
  • Part 6: Learning how to Back-Test with Technical Indicators

In this 3-part video series (with 3 additional bonus videos), Tyler Chianelli illustrates the power and risk of trading in anticipation of earnings announcements. With several defined-risk options strategies, with on-the-spot live trading footage, Tyler analyses stocks, puts on positions and lets the audience witness the earnings call’s effect on the trade. It’s exciting, informative and a new angle for most traders who don’t utilize these one-of-a-kind market moves. A great tool and mindset for any self-directed trader. $197 Value

  • Part 1: Intro & Selling a Straddle
  • Part 2: Double Diagonal Spread & Buying OTM
  • Part 3: Continuing with the Strategies
  • Bonus Video One
  • Case Study: Selling a Straddle
  • Case Study: Selling a Strangle

The Complete Options Index is a trading platform plug-in that groups together with securities having liquid options for advanced scanning filtering and sub-list creation. Cut your research time in half and spot trading opportunities outside your regular watch-list, that would otherwise be lost in the sea of stocks. $297 Value

  • 8-part Video Training Series
  • 15 Pre-built Watch-Lists to Download
  • 3 Dynamic Short-Term Advanced Scans (Bullish)
  • 3 Dyanmic Short-Term Advanced Scans (Bearish)
  • 4 Dynamic Long-Term Advanced Scans (LEAPS)