Options Income Strategy


The Options Income Strategy is your chance to witness, dissect and engage with Tyler’s Chianelli’s monthly options trades. With 3-8 solid trades placed each month, you gain access to an in-depth and responsive Trade Tracking Spreadsheet that details and tracks the trades. With the full gambit of spread trading (and more) on display, you can equip yourself with terrific monthly trade ideas and get inside the head of a professional self-directed options trader with 15+ years of experience. Plus, you will receive a 5-part in-depth video lesson series to ensure you’re familiar and comfortable with the options strategies, the use of option greeks and so much more. Welcome to the Options Income Strategy!

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The Options Income Strategy consists of:

  • 3-8 trades a month
  • Average return since Q4 2015 inception is +29% ROI per trade, with a 71% win ratio
  • Short Vertical Call Spreads
  • Short Vertical Put Spreads
  • Short Iron Condors (and legging into them)
  • Long Diagonal Spreads (calls & puts)
  • Long Calendar Spreads (calls & puts)
  • Long Vertical Spreads (calls & puts)
  • Adjusting from Verticals into Time Spreads (& vice versa)

This 5-part series (from Trading Mastery Program) illustrates and demonstrates the options strategies used consistently with the Options Income Strategy.

  1. Part One: Time Decay in Options (Running Time: 4:35)
  2. Part Two: How to Use Theta (Running Time: 30:30)
  3. Part Three: Sell a Vertical Put Spread (Running Time: 33:17)
  4. Part Four: Sell a Vertical Call Spread (Running Time: 50:12)
  5. Part Five: Sell an Iron Condor (Running Time: 43:15)