Options Trader Club (Gold)

$97 a month

Options Trader Club is a premiere options trading membership community. We are a trade picks & strategies service, live trading webinar center, trading database and social network community. The Club is a hub for self-directed options traders looking for worthwhile trades, insight into professional trading strategies and camaraderie in fellow like-minded traders.

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Learn from head trader Tyler Chianelli each week as he navigates the markets, manages open options positions, researches potential new positions, fills orders and fields questions from the audience. This is an invaluable insight into a professional trading workflow and a great way to stay plugged into the market each week.

  • 1-2 Hours in length
  • Trading done inside the Thinkorswim by TDAMERITRADE platform
  • All Live Trading Rooms are recorded and stored inside Options Trader Club for you
  • Q&A with audience members

Sign up for SMS & MMS Trade Alerts to receive detailed trade ideas right to your phone during trading hours. Cut your research time in half and take advantage of worthwhile trades Tyler spends his day researching and confirming so you do not have to.

  • Strategies & trades for up, down & sideways markets
  • Sent out during trading hours
  • Alerts for New Trades, Adjustments and Closing Out of current Options Trader Club positions

All Options Trader Club Trade Updates are grouped into 2 different Trade Tracking Spreadsheets. These concise and compact dynamic spreadsheets give you a growing list of varied options trades at a glance. All metrics are detailed and percentages calculated. Watch as a portfolio grows.

  • Strategies & trades for up, down & sideways markets
  • Spreadsheets are updated weekly
  • Quantity, Expiration, Opening Transaction, Closing Transaction, Net Gain/Loss, ROI and Additional Notes
  • Download the templates to make your own Tracking Spreadsheets
  • 3-8 trades a month
  • Average return since Q4 2015 inception is +29% ROI per trade, with a 71% win ratio
  • Short Vertical Call Spreads
  • Short Vertical Put Spreads
  • Short Iron Condors (and legging into them)
  • Long Diagonal Spreads (calls & puts)
  • Long Calendar Spreads (calls & puts)
  • Long Vertical Spreads (calls & puts)
  • Adjusting from Verticals into Time Spreads (& vice versa)