Module 05 – The Principles of Trading Stocks

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In this accelerated training course you will learn about the four cardinal rules of trading stocks, going long vs. short, how to buy and sell shares of stock, the relationship between stocks and options, how to sell a covered call, and some live level 1 options trading. These are the essential lessons that get you comfortable with placing (possibly your first) live trades.

Course Duration:
  111 minutes


The Principles of Trading Stocks
Part 1: The Four Cardinal Rules of Trading Stocks
Part 2: How to Buy & Sell Shares of Stock
Part 3: LIVE Demo on How to Buy & Sell Shares
Part 4: Profit Taking Strategies
Part 5: The Relationship Between Stocks & Options
Part 6: Welcome to Level 1 Options Trading
Part 7: How to Sell a Covered Call on Stock
Part 8: The Art of Buying Back Sold Calls