The Complete Options Index


A streamlined trading system & platform plugin that includes watchlist importing into your brokerage account, HD video training series, downloadable PDF & CSV files to import and customize to your preference.


Add this smart watch-list to your arsenal of trading tools to become more productive in finding trades and making decisions. With The Complete Options Index you can: sort, track, analyze, and plan your options trading dynamically (and with ease).



One-step integration into the ThinkorSwim by TD Ameritrade trading platform. Simply paste the link URL(s) you receive when you join. Search and sort stocks/ETFs right inside your trading application!


There are over 2400 ‘optionable securities’ on the NYSE. We have selectively filtered this list down and added other top names to include roughly 2200 viable securities that make up The Complete Options Index.


When clicked on, each security has its own detailed page to track recent movement, understand fundamentals, review additional criteria, see advanced option metrics, learn more about the underlying company, and much more!

There are 2400 optionable securities on the NYSE. We have narrowed that down to include the top 2200 securities.
You can search by ticker symbol and you can also sort/filter stocks and ETFs by some of our favorite useful criteria:

– P/E Ratio

– Put/Call Ratio

– Volatility Index %

– Market Maker Projections

– Front Expected Move

– 52-Week High

– 52-Week Low

– Dividend Yield %

– Advanced Technical Signals

– Chaikin Money Flow

– Average True Range

– Arbitrage Inefficiencies

– Volume Metrics

– Market Capitalization

– Last Price

– Net Change

– % Change

– Sub-Industry

– Cash Flow per Share

– Price/Book Value Ratio

– Earnings Per Share

– Short Ratio

The Complete Options Index includes a two hour 5-part video tutorial series for easy integration, platform education, customization help, and even actionable trading strategies for you to implement alongside the Index.

Part One:  Overview & Getting Started

Part Two: Importing, Customization & Initial Setup

Part Three: Filtering for Advanced Strategy Selection

Part Four: Advanced Segmentation & Workflow Creation

Part Five: Using “TCOI” to Spot Trading Opportunities

The Hidden Power of the Index Lies in the Creation of YOUR Custom Watch-Lists

The Complete Options Index, in its raw form, holds over 2,200 securities. You can re-purpose this full list using advanced scan criteria to focus your trading efforts on specific market segments through sub-list creation. Organize and improve your workflow using customizable columns for more targeted research, analysis, and strategy selection. The goal of The Complete Options Index is to help you save time while simplifying the process in finding powerful trade ideas that are relevant to your trading style and risk tolerance.

Segment The Complete Options Index Down to the
‘Top 500 Securities with Options’

Simplify your trading efforts by focusing on the best, most liquid stocks and ETFs to trade.

Streamline Your Trading Efforts and Save Time with
Advanced Watch List Filtering

The real magic starts to happen when you’re able to sift and sort through the various “customizable action columns” to find the most relevant opportunities that are suitable to your trading style and risk tolerance.

Are You Looking for the Best Securities to Sell Weekly Premium On?

We have a list of 200+ names over $30/share that offer liquid weekly options to trade/sell premium on. All the securities in this list have over 25% IV and are great candidates for short-term income strategies using weekly options.

Perhaps You Are Looking to Find the
Big LEAPS Trade Opportunity?

We have a sub-list that caters to stocks that have Liquid LEAPS Options available with at least 80% OTM strike prices to serve the higher-risk — higher-reward traders.