Module 02 – The Market Essentials

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This accelerated beginner course is going to teach you about the fundamentals of stocks, the ticker tape & stock symbols, how to fill an order, the most common order types, and you will learn about exchange traded funds (ETFs). As we get deeper inside module 2 we will get into the introduction to futures, understanding price & percentages, important trading ideology, and how to gauge volatility in the marketplace using the $VIX and other volatility based ETFs. This mini-course comes with nine HD videos averaging around 10 minutes each.

Course Duration: 92 minutes


The Market Essentials
Part 1: Fundamentals of Stocks
Part 2: The Ticker Tape & Symbols
Part 3: Going Long vs. Going Short
Part 4: How to Fill an Order
Part 5: Important Trading Ideology
Part 6: Understanding Price & Percentages
Part 7: Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds
Part 8: Volatility in the Marketplace
Part 9: Introduction to Futures