Trading Options Through Earnings


Trading Options Through Earnings is a 4+ Hour Video Program teaching you how to trade options through earnings like a business. Includes live trading on 15 stocks and 7 different option strategies. Bonus segments included!

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In part 1 of Trading Options Through Earnings: we will make new earnings trades on AAPL (short straddle w/ OTM insurance), GPRO (long OTM double diagonal), ISRG (long ATM straddle), YHOO (long straddle), CMG (short OTM iron condor), and VMW (OTM long strangle).

In part 2 of Trading Options Through Earnings:  we will make new earnings trades on BIDU (OTM double diagonal), UPS (long strangle), TWTR (OTM call calendar spread), and YELP (long strangle).

In part 3 of Trading Options Through Earnings:  we will make new earnings trades on FB (OTM Double Diagonal), SCTY (OTM Long Strangle), WFM (OTM Long Strangle), BWLD (ong straddle and short OTM strangle), and LNKD with a long strangle and short far OTM strangle to close out the 15 total earnings trades.

In Part Four of Trading Options Through Earnings, you will learn how to hedge and protect your earnings trades with selling short or buying long the stock in the after hours. Live trading footage uses TSLA as an example.