There are over 30 different advanced options trading strategies.

Most option strategies are spread trade variations of different options, strike prices, and expiration months that are bought and sold as a “packaged investment.”

When trading advanced option strategies, it is absolutely critical to understand your risk and how you will profit in the trade.

Some of my favorite advanced options trading strategies consist of:

Again, every advanced trading strategy here is going to consist of many different options. Some only deal with calls, others with puts, and some consist of both calls and puts. When you understand that every advanced trading strategy consists of, or is a variation of: a “vertical spread” and/ or a “calendar spread” you will soon master the art of trading advanced option strategies.

Since trading advanced options is a complex activity, I have decided it is best for my fellow traders to enjoy some free videos I have created of myself trading many of these above mentioned strategies LIVE and with real dollars at stake in my personal trading account.

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