Due to the specific nature of options trading and the specialized education involved, our 30-day money back guarantee does carry with it several different breaches of contract. At Option Trading Coach, the teacher-client relationship is fluid and customized to each and every person’s learning style and individual situation.

Though we more often than not honor refund requests without any discussion at all (when submitted inside the 30-day guarantee period), there are cases in which the right to a refund is dismissed. Per the terms set forth within our Refund Breach Clause, any customer will disqualify his or her refund rights as an Option Trading Coach client under any of the following circumstances:

  1. Activating Your Options Trader Club Membership
    • All clients of the Trading Mastery Program are given a complimentary 3-month, 6-month or 1-year Platinum Membership into the Options Trader Club. Other Option Trading Coach programs like How to Trade LEAPS or Easy Option Trading may come with variable month memberships into the Options Trader Club. However, if the Options Trader Club membership is activated before the 30-day refund period is up, the client is therefore “releasing the right to a full refund’ due to the onslaught of downloadable and usable content within Options Trader Club. The client can either wait until the refund period is up to utilize their Options Trader Club membership, or initiate it right away and waive his or her right to a refund. If the membership is immediately activated and there are no signs of usage, then a partial refund may be in order. But, for instance, if the client has initiated their membership before the refund period is up, and then subsequently signed up for our SMS text message trade alerts (or similar services), then the client fully waives the right to a refund that is set forth within the Option Trading Coach 30-day money-back guarantee outlined in the Billing & Refund Policy.
    • Our exclusive SMS Trade Alerts are valuable trade information that comes at a cost – utilizing such data and then requesting a refund does not fall within the rights as an Option Trading Coach client. Under no circumstances will a refund be offered to clients or members when he or she has been receiving trade alerts via mobile or email during that same duration. When you sign-up for SMS trade alerts you waive your full rights to a refund.
  2. Taking Advantage of Downloadable Content
    • All videos within Trading Mastery Program, How to Trade LEAPS, Advanced Technical Analysis, and Easy Option Trading course (amongst others), are able to be downloaded by the client for offline use at anytime. Please be aware that downloading any course content within the Trading Mastery Program, subsequent courses (or Options Trader Club), before the refund period is up, will automatically dismiss the client’s right to a refund. Refunds are in place for unsatisfied clients who have not taken any advantage of Option Trading Coach assets beyond simply looking at the material in the module videos, attending webinars, and ensuring our products/services are the right fit moving forward.
  3. Personal Claims
    • When a client claims that they “did not receive enough personal attention” or “this is not what I was expecting”, they hopefully have a sound argument to back up their proposed claim to be eligible for a full refund. We at Option Trading Coach, LLC take our material very seriously and are highly aware of its worth to a given client. We have placed several different viable avenues for clients to reach out to our staff and head trader(s). If a client argues that they “did not receive enough personal attention” and the record shows that have not reached out via the Private (or Group) Messaging function(s) inside Options Trader Club, Trading Mastery Program, Easy Option Trading, or other product portals, nor has he or she sent personal emails outlining their frustrations during their initial refund period, then we reserve the right to call that refund claim erroneous. If the client has utilized our personal communication avenues to air their grievances during the first four weeks of the 30-day guarantee period, then a refund is well within their rights as a valued client and we will honor that wholeheartedly.
    • If a client submits a refund request and subsequently logs back into the related “product portal” (including the Options Trader Club), then the client dismisses the right to receive a refund due to the conflicting nature of this action.