Every Trader MUST Live By To Have Success Trading Stocks, Options or Any Financial Instrument

  1. Trade With The Trend
  2. Cut Losses Short
  3. Let Profits Run
  4. Manage Your Risk

Trading with the trend is an old adage on Wall Street. As the saying goes, the trend is your friend. History definitely shows this saying could not be more true.

Cutting losses short is a simply rule that is very hard to perform. Cutting losses short and quick is a cardinal rule in any successful trading system. A successful options trader must use stop-loss orders or trading alerts to protect capital, and employ a disciplined mindset so he or she can live to trade another day.

Letting profits run is another important trading principle. Successful and wise traders will hold onto a winning position longer because it shows the trade is working well and can result in larger profits.

Managing your risk is crucial because if you do not preserve your capital and manage your trading risk properly you won’t have money left to trade. This is by far the most important trading rule to follow!

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