Private Coaching Session

$300.00 $248.00

With the Private Coaching Session, you and Tyler Chianelli communicate via GoTo Webinar, where he can view and control your computer screen, and help you get setup with the right tools, preferences, chart settings, Q&A, strategy discussion, etc…in the most effective manner. You guide the lessons and he shape (or perfects) your trading style and workflow. Jump ahead years in your trading experience and work with a seasoned veteran of the trading industry. No gimmicks or slick sales take, just tried and true honest guidance. This 1-hour one-on-one session is unlike anything you have experienced before.

All Private Coaching Sessions are recorded and sent to the student after completion.




With the Private Coaching Session, you will connect with Tyler Chianelli via Goto Webinar® and you will be to hear each other (make sure you have a working microphone) and see each other’s computer screens. With your permission, Tyler can take over your screen and guide you through your trading platform to get you set up properly and make the learning easier.

The learning and content covered within your 1-hour Private Coaching Session is entirely up to you. Whatever you need to learn or see is what will occupy your Private Coaching Session. 

Your Private Coaching Session will be recorded and sent you to afterwards, so you can download the recorded video and replay the Private Coaching Session whenever you like. Don’t worry about cramming or taking notes, because you’ll have the video in its entirety to look back on whenever you like.