Module 04 – Cultivating Long-term Trading Success

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In this accelerated training course you will learn money management basics, how to calculate proper position sizing, understanding the risk-reward profile, developing the successful trader mindset, key personal development principles for trading, the importance of keeping a trading journal, the successful trader mindset & how to think like a successful trader, the golden trading rules, benefits of being a successful trader, and the importance of enjoying this amazing journey and to always continue investing in yourself!

Course Duration:
 81 minutes


Introduction to Cultivating Long-term Trading Success
Part 1: Money Management 101
Part 2: Calculating Proper Position Sizing
Part 3: The Risk-Reward Profile
Part 4: The Successful Trader Mindset
Part 5: Personal Development for Trading
Part 6: Keeping a Trading Journal
Part 7: The Golden Trading Rules
Part 8: The Benefits of Being a Successful Trader