Module 10 – Bearish Options Trading Strategies

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In this advanced training course you are going to learn how to buy a long put option, sell a naked call option, buy a vertical put spread, sell a vertical call spread, buy an OTM put calendar spread, buy a put diagonal spread, buy a LEAPS put option, and understand the overview in choosing the right bearish strategy.

Course Duration:
  234 minutes


Bearish Options Trading Strategies
Part 1: Buy a Long Put Option
Part 2: Buy a Vertical Put Spread
Part 3: Sell a Vertical Call Spread
Part 4: Buy an OTM Put Calendar Spread
Part 5: Buy a Put Diagonal Spread
Part 6: Sell a Naked Call Option
Part 7: Buy a LEAPS Put Option
Part 8: Choosing the Right Bearish Strategy