Module 08 – Option Pricing & the Greeks

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This advanced training course is where we start taking things to the next level and get into the nitty gritty about options, how they are priced, and understanding time decay and the important volatility metric that accompanies options. We will also dive deep into the option Greeks which include: Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega. Think of the Option Greeks as the dashboard used to understand your exposure and risk when trading options. The Greeks simplify life when trading sometimes very complex and multi-faceted option spreads as well.

Course Duration:
  156 minutes


Option Pricing & the Greeks
Part 1: How Options are Priced
Part 2: Understanding Volatility in Options
Part 3: Time Decay in Options
Part 4: The Importance of Delta
Part 5: The Power of Gamma
Part 6: How to Use Theta
Part 7: Understanding Vega
Part 8: Overview of the Option Greeks
Part 9: How to Beta Weight Your Portfolio